Prescription sunglasses can provide you the best vision during the day but if you already wear glasses you require the correct prescription sunglasses. Only these sunglasses can give you the perfect vision correction as you can see things clearly during sunny days. If you are looking for sunglasses that can protect your eyes from eye strain and glare on sunny days, then prefer choosing prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses. These types of lenses have a special filter which blocks bright reflections of light from sand, water, car bonnets, and pavement.

If in case you wear contact lenses, it is recommended to keep prescription sunglasses with you whenever you go outside.

It’s because these sunglasses allow you to remove your contact lenses if you feel uncomfortable or dry at the outdoor places. You can still see comfortably and clearly on sunny days, even without your contact lenses if you wear prescription sunglasses.
Also, it is not recommended to wear contact lenses during swimming because it raises the chances of serious eye infections, such as Acanthamoeba Keratitis. So, you can use your prescription sunglasses whenever you go for swimming. These sunglasses can be purchased for any lens prescription. For instance, if you’re presbyopic then you can get progressive lenses. But if you are above 40 years, then you will require multifocal lenses for clearly viewing at all distances.

Here at Vision Optique, prescription sunglasses are available in different lens materials, including glass, high-index plastic, trivex, and lightweight polycarbonate. No doubt, glass lenses offer the best visual quality but they are not much popular these days. It’s because glass lenses are heavier as compared to other lenses and they can easily shatter.

Nowadays, prescription sunglasses with photochromic tint have become popular among customers as these glasses can automatically darken in sunlight. But here it must be kept in mind that all photochromic lenses do not darken well behind the car windscreen. So, you need to request your optician for those photochromic lenses that are specially designed for driving purpose and outdoor places.

No doubt, style is imperative but your vision is much more important and the sole purpose behind purchasing prescription sunglasses. So, you must make sure that your selected lenses can block 100% UV rays of the sun that are harmful to your vision. You can select any lens color and darkness as per your liking as it will not affect UV protection. Plus, you can also choose the density of tint in sunglasses lens according to your choice.

Imagine driving on a highway on a bright sunny day where sunlight is continuously shinning in your eyes. What if this sunlight causes a distraction? You need more concentration when driving as a little distraction can result in accidents. Under such a situation you will need prescription sunglasses that not just provide UV protection but are also comfortable to wear.
Here at Vision Optique, prescription glasses come in various frame styles and you will be having lots of choices.

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