Pro Vision Exam

Pro Vision Exam

Vision Optique is a company which focuses on treating people with modern technology. They have been providing high-end care to their clients for some time now. Vision Optique has realized that every individual is unique and they require different eye care. Two patients can have some similarities, but we can’t say that they can be treated with the same medicine.

How does it work?

If you are a new patient and came to our facility for the first time, then our staff will take your name and relevant information. This record will remain in our electronic database where it can be accessed every time you visit our facility. Then you will be checked by a doctor to diagnose your eye problem. If you wear contact lens, then you will remove your contacts for this diagnose. After the basic checkup, you will be guided to a Pro vision exam room where information can be used as your health record and your Pro vision exam will begin shortly.

From here, your doctor will complete your pro vision exam. Not only the doctor will take your pro vision exam but he or she will evaluate the contact lenses you are wearing or do wear on a regular basis. In some cases, doctor use dilation drops according to your eye health.

What is the Pro Vision Exam?

Pro vision exam is considered a routine eye exam which is mostly covered by your vision insurance provider.

The exam is done through a digital and precise machine which is specially designed for this very purpose. Usually, they include an acuity test, refraction which includes an eye pressure test, eyeglasses prescription, external eye assessment, and an evaluation of the back of the eye. This is a modern approach to do checkup comprehensively. Pro vision exams are important to detect both eye and systemic disease in the early stages. These pro vision exams should be completed every 1-2 years for everyone. It is just like dental exams for healthy individuals. If anyone has an eye condition, then one should take the pro vision exam more often as recommended by your eye care professional.

Once the pro vision exam procedure is done, you will be directed to an optician who will suggest eyeglasses and/or contact options to you. Your optician will also explain the pros and cons of both so that you can better understand what is suitable for you. Pick out glasses or contact lens from our facility and wear them according to your doctor’s advice. Whatever you choose, it will be of high-quality, durable, and precise to what you have hoped for.

By using the advanced and state-of-the-art machinery, our goal is to pinpoint overall vision issues that most people have these days. If you or any of your family member is having difficulty in vision, then get treated because 80 % of eye problems are curable. We also offer vision therapy and medical eye exams. Just schedule medical eye exam separately from vision exam and you will get check soon.

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