Lasik Evaluations

Lasik Evaluations

LASIK is a kind of refractive surgery done for correcting various kinds of eye problems. It is one of the many surgical techniques for reshaping the cornea. It is done so that the light which travels through it is rightly focused on the retina located at the back of eye. But before anyone going through the Lasik surgery, he has to undergo certain tests to check if he is fit for the surgery. Lasik evaluations are one of the most important and comprehensive exams done today. The eye care specialists will evaluate the eyes and determine if you need to undergo Lasik surgery.

The eye evaluation is done by an eye care specialist and is important for taking a decision.

Lasik surgeon can perform the exam and consultation to know the condition of your eyes.

What to Expect in the Exam?

  • During eye evaluation, the ophthalmologist will ask few questions to understand the patient’s health and eye conditions. The doctors need to know the patient’s expectations and also the type of surgery required.
  • The past medical history of the patient is very important to know if the patient has any illness as it might affect the surgery’s outcome. There are various diseases that might alter the healing of the wound, so, more information is required before performing surgery.
  • The list of medications taken by the patient is also important because even drugs can affect the outcome of surgery. If the patient is taking any drug for the migraine, he has to immediately stop around the period of surgery.
  • The doctor will inquire about the lifestyle of the patient. The use of alcohol and cigarettes excessively can be harmful. With the evaluation, the doctor will get to understand which type of vision is important for the patient.
  • The surgeon should also know about all the previous eye surgeries to avoid any risk factor in Lasik surgery.

The eye evaluations include numerous tests on the day of eye exam to get various details needed before the surgery.

  • The thickness of the cornea is determined by conducting a couple of tests.
  • Four measurements of pupil size are taken, under dim as well as bright light conditions.
  • The present level of farsightedness and nearsightedness are determined with the help of three different tests.
  • The architecture and shape of the cornea are analyzed using a computer.
  • Other optical abnormalities of eyes are evaluated to minimize the risk of surgery.
  • Finally, the overall health of your eye is evaluated. The measurements of eye pressure are taken and the interior of the eye is examined after the pupil is dilated with drops.

After all the tests, if the surgeon determines that you are not fit enough for Lasik surgery, he will recommend an alternative correction procedure. Once the comprehensive Lasik evaluations are completed, your eye surgeon will also explain the test reports in detail. This test has a lot of significance for people looking to get Lasik surgery.

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