Specialty Lens Products

Our specialty lens products have a unique or special design. These lens products are used in several industries and for many conditions. Some professions need this kind of lens to perform the routine tasks, for instance: lab integration, R&D, and communication industry.


Vision Optique special lens products include CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrators), Focus-Tunable Lenses, and Laser Focusing Singlets. All these lenses are perfect for light collection applications. Focus-Tunable Lenses will permit electric or manual control with respect to the focal length of lenses. Laser Focusing Singlets are designed to generate a minimum of 632.8nm spot size. Micro-lens arrays are utilized for light homogenization whereas multi-lens arrays are considered best for projection or illumination systems.


Vision Optique not just offers the best but also the biggest stock of optical products, including special lenses. Get the finest special lens from us by creating a quote.

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