Professional Eye Care Exams

Eye examinations should be carried out frequently in order to ensure good eyes health. Vision Optique specializes in offering the best professional eye exams with a high-end touch. Remember, any eye-related disease or infection can be prevented if eyes checkup is done on a regular basis. When was the last time you had your eyes checked by a true professional? Did you know that a bad optician could miss potential eye diseases? We take pride in thoroughly checking your eyes during an exam. A visual disease is identified at an early stage, it becomes easy to treat it on time. Allow us o double and triple check your vision.


The eyes can be sensitive. There are several eye conditions and diseases which do not reveal any symptoms such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. At Vision Optique, we will dilate and refract your eyes to test intraocular pressure using the best formula and optometry techniques. Dilation assists in enlarging the pupil, which will allow your doctor to have an in-depth examination of the backside of eyes. Make sure to bring your current prescription and glasses when you visit our facility, it helps us to know your prescription before hand. Dilation will create a temporary blur and light sensitivity in your eyes, but you do not need to worry as Vision Optique will give you an eye shied soon after the checkup for further protection.


Professional Eyes examinations are also recommended for kids  because young children cannot express their visual problems such as difficulty in seeing letters and far-off things. They do not understand the visual conditions. Hence, it is advisable to get eyes examination of your kids on a regular basis. All individuals should frequently visit their doctor for eye care examinations who are subject to a family history of visual problems, diabetes, and eye injury. These are the risk factors of why a routine checkup is highly suggested. Why not come to a facility which provides you with the most exceptionally specialized care in every visit? We take pride in thoroughly checking your eyes during an exam.

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