Contact Lenses

At Vision Optique, we take an exceptional approach to contact lenses. We ensure that the contact lenses we sell you will both resolve your eye problem while being as comfortable as possible. We offer only the best lens brands and products to provide you with excellent, crisp and clear vision. Are you suffering from myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism? This is not a problem anymore thanks to the advancements on contact lens technology, Vision Optique offers you the lens you need. We take pride in ensuring that the ultimate purpose of wearing your contact lenses is fulfilled. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.



We are meticulous when it comes to providing accuracy in the sizing of your lenses so that your contact lenses fit your eyes perfectly. Modern Contact lenses utilize a combination of curvature and diameter that can reach literally thousands of combinations, you can be rest assured that Vision Optique has them all at each of our locations. It would be our pleasure to properly examine your eye physiology in order to provide you with the best lens to fit your eyes.


Your choice of Contact lens could also be affected by an unrevealed medical condition such as dry eyes. We provide several eye examinations to ensure the best lens for you. Aside from the medical perspectives, we also offer a huge variety of contact lens color, shapes and patterns. Vision Optique also offers in our offices the cleaning, storing, and sterilization contact lens products. We will also guide on how to properly care for your lenses and/or prevent your lenses from all sorts of contamination. Looking for daily disposable contact lenses? We sell these too. Feel free to contact Vision Optique or visit our office for everything contact lenses.

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