Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses has replaced for most people the traditional eyeglasses that everyone with vision problems used to wear. Many use contact lenses but just by seeing their eyes, you might not know about it. Contact lenses are thin and curved and are placed on the surface of your eye. Most of the people with vision problems choose contact lenses over normal glasses as they give a wider field of view, they will not steam up and are best for people playing sports and games. They are also lightweight and naturally clear and have various other benefits for the user.

There are various kinds of contact lenses depending on the replacement schedule, wear period, design and material. The contact lens also comes in various colors for people, who are looking to use them for cosmetic purpose.

Though the contact lens looks like a modern invention, it was first produced by Leonardo Da Vinci. He showed that eye’s refractive power can change if it had direct contact with water. But it was only in late 19th century that scientists made a lens out of the glass. Today the contact lenses are either hard or soft, with most of them preferring the latter option.

Why Prefer Contact Lenses?

There are so many reasons to choose contact lenses over normal eyeglasses.

  • Contact lenses perfectly fit on the surface of the cornea and move with your eye.
  • They do not have any frame for obstructing your vision.
  • Contact lenses give a natural and wider field of view.
  • There is no problem of fogging or steaming up and the mud or rain has no effects on lenses until your eye gets exposed to them.
  • They can also be used for cosmetic purposes as they come in various colors.
  • Contact lenses are perfect for people, who are physically very active or indulge in some sports and games.


Different Types of Contact Lenses

Soft Contact Lenses

This type of contact lenses is made up of flexible plastic to allow the oxygen to pass through. Soft lenses are made using the latest technology and are extremely comfortable and breathable to wear. They are designed in such a way that they are compatible with anyone choosing them.

Gas-Permeable(Hard) Contact Lenses

They are also known as rigid gas-permeable lenses or hard lenses and provide superior comfort. They are in the market longer than the soft contact lenses and offer many benefits for the wearers. Unlike soft lenses, they can be made according to the prescriptions given by the doctor and eye types of the wearer. They have high durability and can be worn daily for long periods.

There are also colored contact lenses that are soft lenses and can change the wearer’s eye color. They can be worn daily or monthly before they need to be disposed. Contact lenses are a great innovation, but they should be used according to the prescribed wear schedule and need to be replaced after the defined time period. No matter what your lifestyle is, the eye doctor will prescribe you the right contact lenses in order to keep your eye healthy.

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